Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Puzzle Farter Fan Art (Not Finished Yet)

So much to say! Don't read further if you have trouble pronouncing your S's.

The Game: Puzzle Farter is this ridiculously fun online game that I just can't get enough of. Seriously, the game rocks! I've spent more hours playing the sucker than I'd care to count. I'm addicted to the engine it runs on, and I would have a FIELD DAY if I could actually design my own game on it. Anyway, it's a blast! And you kind of forget about the farting element after a while. It's not like you go around collecting fart pellets and have to watch your fart meter or anything grossified like that. It could just as easily be a jetpack! Even though it's... not. But I gotta admit- the very first time I played it, I laughed so much at the stupid sound effects that I had tears in my eyes. That's its hook, I guess! Hehe. Farts.

I still don't know what the hell the main character is supposed to be, though. And my friends and family are no help. I've heard "Oh he's a fish with goggles! And legs. Or something. I think... No wait what is that?" or "He's obviously just a gassy monster who likes shopping for khakis and sweater vests at The Gap." But I like to think of him as a cool Stallone-style kitty sporting sunglasses and a bandanna- dealing out justice just as swiftly and with as much skill as it takes to rip a vertical take-off. Try it, if you haven't already! :D And good luck, adventurer! *poof*

The Verdict: 7 and a half stars out of 4.3 (repeating)

I have no affiliation with these guys whatsoever. I just really like their game. Play it now at PuzzleFarter.com!

Okay that's enough. Don't read any more. This is unamusing and tedious! I'm not even getting the same satisfaction that comes with "hearing the sound of your own voice" because I never learned how to read. Only type. :( It's tragic.

Stuff About the Art That You Don't Care About: The ambiguity surrounding the whatthefuckisthat-iness of the main character immediately made me think of how video game artists had to dream up an entire world of characters for game artwork simply based on an 8x8 jumble of pixels, and how different visions of the same character were bound to materialize. I give you Nice Centipede and his deadbeat older brother, Grumpy Centipede as examples- which evoked my love and fascination with the original Centipede cabinet artwork. Spacesick Fun Fact #138!: I've had a strange obsession with that art that goes all the way back to the days of having fun in the multitude of bars and bowling alleys I was dragged to by my fun-loving parents.

Oh dear god, why did I type all of that? I blame the fact that I haven't blogged about a damn thing in a year. But enough about you! Let's talk about me.

So just what the heck is that guy supposed to be? The world may never know. This is why games are supposed to have easily-understood plots and riveting story lines. Also ninjas. Puzzle Farter 2, here I come!