Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Goth Chick™ Brand Frozen Novelties


It scored in at a very Samuel L. Jackson 1.87 out of 5. I had no illusions that it would get printed anyway, so I can't complain. I think I'll go watch Addams Family Values now. Fun!

Sorry if you checked back looking for some art anytime in the last... week and a half?! Jesus Christ, that's a long time!

It seems I just kept forgetting, though I did manage to put together a new shirt design for over at Threadless a few days back. A real design this time, with some thought behind it, and actual drawings, and other silly stuff like that. I really should have posted it around and asked for some honest critiques before I sent it off, but I'm an idiot. In addition to the normal rat-race, it's also in the running for a contest called "Extra Tasty." Yum! Submission - Goth Chick™ Brand Frozen Novelties

This probably didn't help me any either, but I sure laughed my ass off making it! And isn't that really all that matters in life? Oh wait- crap.

So go vote, if you're already a member. Hell, go register if you're not. I'll repay you with meaningless thanks and empty promises of a trip to the zoo. And as always, your thoughts on how to improve it are welcome. I wouldn't mind eventually being able to toss this in my portfolio.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whaddya know- Kool-Aid *is* still good after ten years in the cupboard!

Edit: What the heck?! I'm on Boing Boing! Thanks, Sacks!


Anybody remember my Self-Esteem Points joke? No? Oh, okay. Well I had fun anyway, so there.

I was completely floored the other day when I was named the winner of Sacks' Fat Albert contest! Surprise! If you haven't already checked out all of the fantastic entries, do so now. It's great to see so many amazing artists celebrating the classic cartoon!

Now that I have all of these Self-Esteem Points, I'm anxious to spend them. I could use all of them right now and get the Super Nintendo, a plastic Ducktales kite, and a commemorative Charles In Charge totebag, but I think I'm gonna keep saving them up and go for that bitchin' Ego! Or a mountain bike.

But seriously- Thanks for all of the kick-ass comments and kind words lately! I think I'll let this go to my head, just this once.


Also- Help yourself to a Saved by the Bell song that's still alive.


Zack Attack - Friends Forever

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cosby. Russell Cosby.

Russell is my contribution to Sacks's's "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" Throwback Thursday challenge.

Those Cosby Kids sure had fun learning lessons and playing in their junk band. When I think of all the found garbage I played with as a kid, I'm just glad I had all my shots.

--- Free Crap! ---

TV Party has the real lowdown on the show. A good read for any fan.

Here are some amazing production sketches and other bits from the original Fat Albert special, which I haven't yet had the chance to see. Argh.

This site has a couple of Fat Albert-related tracks originally from Cosby's live 1967 album "Revenge" up for download. I suggest you check 'em out.

Old Weird Harold
Fat Albert (Buck Buck)

And what would this party be without Herbie Hancock's classic theme song? Nothin'. That's what.


Haha! 5 minutes + hour-long "Grounded For Life" break + 8 minutes = New World Record! I am the greatest!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Random stuff I did today

I managed to find some work this week, so the only sketching I did was on a legal pad disguised as official business. By the time I got home every day, I just wanted to watch TV and go to bed. Harumph.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dragons and Robots and Hot Warrior Chicks

I don't know. I really don't.

I can't believe I almost missed this: VH1 is starting a new special called "I Love Toys" today. It's a week-long deal like "I Love the 80's." Should be good. I mean... it's about toys for goodness sake.

Here's the site.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dig Dug + More 80's Goodness!

I'm just posting this work in progress so I can feel like I accomplished something today. You can bet your ass that it'll be finished by Saturday, though. I kinda like this one, and I hope it hasn't been done before.


We apologize for the childish whimpering that once occupied this precious space. It was the sort of drivel that should be reserved for teenage girls' diaries, and so many unviewed LiveJournal pages.

Those responsible have been sacked.


In any event, here are some inspirational 80's classics to help you in your own training. And don't worry if you start to crap thunder, that's how ya know it's working! (mp3)

from Rocky III, Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
from Karate Kid, Joe "Bean" Esposito - You're The Best
and from Transformers: the Movie, Stan Bush - The Touch

If there's a premium Rapidshare user out there who would be interested in trading with me for a free account, I'd be ever so grateful. That way I could start posting some real high-quality shiz.