Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What My E-Friends Are Up To, Part 1: In Which Adam White Makes You Super Jealous

Adam White is getting what every child of the 80s worth his or her snot has always dreamed of: his very own Garbage Pail Kids card! Well, the best damn GPK-style card you'll ever see, at least. And what makes me so sure about that? Because he's getting the LEGENDARY John Pound of GPK fame to do it for him! :D

I'll let the man behind Craze One. Clothing speak for himself since I'm way too freakin busy. I mean these bootleg Salute Your Shorts DVDs aren't gonna watch themselves.

"For almost a decade now, I have been planning with John Pound ( artist over 400 of the approximately 700 'original series' GARBAGE PAIL KIDS®. Including the iconic Adam Bomb, and the entire first 2 series ) to create a Garbage Pail Kid style parody card for me, and as I type this, it's almost finished!

I am printing a full color vinyl sticker, complete with the die-cut peel out center. First printing is a limited run, each one individually hand numbered.

If you are interested, or just want to see more details, including the final artwork unveiling, check it out HERE.

or click on the image below.

See you in the garbage!
Adam White"

The pre-order page just opened up today! I can't wait to get this sticker in my hands. If only to be sure that it's not all part of some magical dream. And I swear to god... if I can't find a Trapper Keeper to slap a copy of this badboy on... I'm gonna buy one. ASAP. Tell me you think I'm lying.

All artwork up there by Adam White

Part 2: In Which Justin Takes you Back To School

Ooh, what a busy nooz day! My good e-pal Justin White (no relation to that other^ guy) is putting on his first gallery show! But it's not all stupid and boring-looking like the ones you were guilted into going to by your Photography Major friend. Entitled The Beauty of Graduation: A look back at the class of '76, he describes it as "a collection of caricatures referenced from the '76 graduate class of SDSU." I dare you to look at these and not laugh. Don't believe me? See for yourself! :D

If this thing was ANYWHERE near me, I would do whatever it took to get there. But since it's in Cali and there's all these pesky states in the way, I'll just have to wait for some pix of the shindig. If you're in that area, though, I urge you to check it out! As you can tell from this preview page, it looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Stay cool! Don't change. <3 Mitch

All artwork up there by Justin White

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roll With the Changes!

Ooh, a new header! I wonder if anyone will see it. Anywho, I just finished up this new design called "Buy My Zine!" It's an ode to all of my kooky outsider artist homies who I have nothin but love for! *respeck* I mean hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves, then what the hell are we doing?!

If you like it and want to see it on a shirt, you can click on either of the pictures below to go vote and leave a comment for it. If you do, you have no idea how much I'd appreciate it! :D Thanks for looking! Later, gator.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Oh, I know. I only post here when I want something. But believe me, all that's gonna change soon. I swear, baby!

My new glow in the dark design is up for voting. If you like it and want to see it on a T-shirt, vote it a 5 and $ and leave a nice comment! :D

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