Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What My E-Friends Are Up To, Part 1: In Which Adam White Makes You Super Jealous

Adam White is getting what every child of the 80s worth his or her snot has always dreamed of: his very own Garbage Pail Kids card! Well, the best damn GPK-style card you'll ever see, at least. And what makes me so sure about that? Because he's getting the LEGENDARY John Pound of GPK fame to do it for him! :D

I'll let the man behind Craze One. Clothing speak for himself since I'm way too freakin busy. I mean these bootleg Salute Your Shorts DVDs aren't gonna watch themselves.

"For almost a decade now, I have been planning with John Pound ( artist over 400 of the approximately 700 'original series' GARBAGE PAIL KIDS®. Including the iconic Adam Bomb, and the entire first 2 series ) to create a Garbage Pail Kid style parody card for me, and as I type this, it's almost finished!

I am printing a full color vinyl sticker, complete with the die-cut peel out center. First printing is a limited run, each one individually hand numbered.

If you are interested, or just want to see more details, including the final artwork unveiling, check it out HERE.

or click on the image below.

See you in the garbage!
Adam White"

The pre-order page just opened up today! I can't wait to get this sticker in my hands. If only to be sure that it's not all part of some magical dream. And I swear to god... if I can't find a Trapper Keeper to slap a copy of this badboy on... I'm gonna buy one. ASAP. Tell me you think I'm lying.

All artwork up there by Adam White


drono said...

well hello. not even a single comment yet? you're such a lonely, little man aren't you? well, i'm sorry i haven't made a comment on this. i really really dig that top ghost. great stuff!!

Luke in Progress said...

So where did this 'what my online friends are up to' bit come from, or start?

spacesick said...

wm - haha. I don't give an ass about comments! as long as I brought these knuckleheads just a little bit of exposure, it was worth it. you are a PRINCE for looking, though! thanks man.

luke - aww it's nothin. there were two things that I wanted to ADVERTISE for my friends and they just happened to get blogged about on the same day. I didn't even have time to come up with an-hilarious title!

Unknown said...