Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Puzzle Farter Fan Art (Not Finished Yet)

So much to say! Don't read further if you have trouble pronouncing your S's.

The Game: Puzzle Farter is this ridiculously fun online game that I just can't get enough of. Seriously, the game rocks! I've spent more hours playing the sucker than I'd care to count. I'm addicted to the engine it runs on, and I would have a FIELD DAY if I could actually design my own game on it. Anyway, it's a blast! And you kind of forget about the farting element after a while. It's not like you go around collecting fart pellets and have to watch your fart meter or anything grossified like that. It could just as easily be a jetpack! Even though it's... not. But I gotta admit- the very first time I played it, I laughed so much at the stupid sound effects that I had tears in my eyes. That's its hook, I guess! Hehe. Farts.

I still don't know what the hell the main character is supposed to be, though. And my friends and family are no help. I've heard "Oh he's a fish with goggles! And legs. Or something. I think... No wait what is that?" or "He's obviously just a gassy monster who likes shopping for khakis and sweater vests at The Gap." But I like to think of him as a cool Stallone-style kitty sporting sunglasses and a bandanna- dealing out justice just as swiftly and with as much skill as it takes to rip a vertical take-off. Try it, if you haven't already! :D And good luck, adventurer! *poof*

The Verdict: 7 and a half stars out of 4.3 (repeating)

I have no affiliation with these guys whatsoever. I just really like their game. Play it now at PuzzleFarter.com!

Okay that's enough. Don't read any more. This is unamusing and tedious! I'm not even getting the same satisfaction that comes with "hearing the sound of your own voice" because I never learned how to read. Only type. :( It's tragic.

Stuff About the Art That You Don't Care About: The ambiguity surrounding the whatthefuckisthat-iness of the main character immediately made me think of how video game artists had to dream up an entire world of characters for game artwork simply based on an 8x8 jumble of pixels, and how different visions of the same character were bound to materialize. I give you Nice Centipede and his deadbeat older brother, Grumpy Centipede as examples- which evoked my love and fascination with the original Centipede cabinet artwork. Spacesick Fun Fact #138!: I've had a strange obsession with that art that goes all the way back to the days of having fun in the multitude of bars and bowling alleys I was dragged to by my fun-loving parents.

Oh dear god, why did I type all of that? I blame the fact that I haven't blogged about a damn thing in a year. But enough about you! Let's talk about me.

So just what the heck is that guy supposed to be? The world may never know. This is why games are supposed to have easily-understood plots and riveting story lines. Also ninjas. Puzzle Farter 2, here I come!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Mashup: Wham! vs. Three 6 Mafia (Rated XXX!)

Spacesick - She'd Rather Give Some Head
(Wham! - Everything She Wants vs.
Three 6 Mafia ft. DJ Unk - I'd Rather)

I haven't posted any art here in a while, but I'm going to fix that TOMORROW! I promise! I've been working my butt off and I've got a whole lot of crap to show to my last surviving Blogger friends. I just needed a place to post this damn demo I worked on tonight. Don't you know that?! (Baby, I'm your man!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Mash-Up: Walk of Life it Out

This is dedicated to someone who gave me quite a scare yesterday. She's okay NOW, but I was going crazy while she was in the hospital all night! The only thing that could take my mind off of it was fiddling with this funny mash-up of Dire Straits' "Walk of Life" and DJ Unk's "Walk it Out" that I attempted a few months back. And even though I have NO FUCKING CLUE about/nor any particular interest in what I'm doing, it still makes people laugh and shake their asses. And really, is there anything more you can really ask out of life? Holla!

Interesting side note: this also might be featured on my buddy's soon-to-be-released mixtape of modern hip-hop and 80s mash-ups tentatively titled 20080. If he can finish it sometime before 20090, that is! lolzomgjokes!

Listen to or download Walk of Life it Out here! :D

Monday, July 07, 2008

Fooling around with 80s porn stars while everyone is out of the house.

Wow, it's like high school all over again! Here's a work in progress of 80s adult film icon Hyapatia Lee. I've gotten some helpful advice from some really talented people, so I think I have an idea of how I'm gonna finish it! Woohoo!

And the first version:

Come on, everyone! Let's get Physical! lol @ the fake porno "Beat It" song at the second half of this video sounding 100 times better than the Fergie version and the Fall Out Boy versions combined!

Warning! May Cause Tropical Contact High

Work in progress. Special thanks to my friend Kali for her surfer girl expertise, since I know absolutely nothing about mini mals and shortboards and... sunlight... etc etc

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't Play That Funky Music, White Boy!

Like duh! But since I didn't draw one god damned thing today, I figure it's time to admit (one of) my (many) shameful secret(s). The truth is... I've been experimenting with making my own vintage beats for various super secret projects and things of a secretive nature. and so forth. etc. secrets. I never shared before because I can't quite GET it yet. So listen at your own risk!

Side A) Spacesick - Dizzy Raptures (Demo - Take 8)
Side B) Spacesick - Untitled Space Rap (Demo)

The sample in the first one is from Dutch symphonic prog band Earth & Fire's 1977 album "Gate To Infinity." And "Kid Stuff Records & Tapes" is copyright somebody who isn't me.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Bits!

Two Bits!
Get a haircut, ya damn hippie!

Illustration Friday sketch (Worry)

From last week. Oops! Too late. Missed it by THAT much. Oh well. I'm not too worried about it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot Diggity Damn!

I'm working on some letters stolen from inspired by the classic Hot Wax Records labels... but it's TOO FUCKING HOT to sit here at the computer! This is the first thing that popped out in Photoshop, so I'm gonna make you look at it.

I think it's about time we go outside. But not before you sing some sweet, sweet karaoke with me. Bam!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Whole Lotta Old Stuff +Some Solid Gold Easy Action

Lots of old stuff I never got to post. Sorry, you don't get the hilarious anecdotes that go along with em. :( I know, I know! But don't worry, kiddo. We'll work through this together. :D

Many will enter! Few will win!

These Eyes

Hey What's Your MySpace? (Cut Copy Remix)

I Ain't Afraid of No Gouache!

You're Really Lovely...

SuicideGirls.com called... they want their business plan back! sike! they didn't. but a Tom Selleck did. your messages are on your desk.

Jem Gets Truly Outrageous! (too lazy to finish)

Sepia Tony! Toni! Toné! (Margaret Nolan)

Cynthia Myers, Miss December 1968

Ellister P. Fuddleton's Curiously Marvelous Re-crayonification Center (and Home for Wayward Markers) WIP

I Ain't Never Cummed So Hard In My Whole Life!

Sex Shark!

Or My Name Isn't Harry S Ductbutter!*

Sinbad 2 The Bone (test 2)

Djinni From the Block (wip)

I'm such a P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)!

Hey, Paisanos!

I Don't Start Fights (final)

Century 666

Mad Cat (for Mad Cat)

Space It Forward

Goodnight, Sleep Tight


"Watch out, Cobra,™ Fridge™ is comin' through!"™

Space Demon Baby

Exploitation Poster (still not finished!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's Grab a Vine and Swing a Little

I think I can still draw, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll try again after I zip up my go-go boots!

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1964)
The O'Kaysions - Girl Watcher (1968)
Mary Wells - Eight Days A Week (1965)
The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night (1964)
David Axelrod - The Mental Traveler (1968)

Oh and that hubbalicious bod belongs to "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" star Lori Williams! Yes. I want.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bo Knows What I'm Talkin' About

I don't know why I do the things I do. But I bet "And You Know This To Be RADonkulous" would be the name of the bitchin rap, house, and new jack swing mix I'd make, if I did that sorta thing. Which I don't. Because who would care?! Not me, that's for damn sure!

Roxanne Shanté - Bite This (Extended) (1985-ish)

lol @ bad photoshop. Shit! I should probably get back to actually DRAWING sometime. Don't talk about it. Just Do It!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blame It on the Boogie

Just messing around. Nothing new. I'm glad I did, though, because this just gave me a Retro-tastic idea!

Hot Chocolate - You Could Have Been A Lady (1971)

Vaughan Mason and Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (1979)

Some mood music, as a teaser for my epic roller boogie mixtape that'll coincide with the release of this masterpiece. But for now... let's go bowling. We haven't gone bowling in a while! I'm in the mood for bowling. Let's go bowling.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

You Better Think!

This is a header I drew for the awesome Faesthetic blog, which I only just found out about last night! Check it out!

Quit Yer Fuckin' Bitchin!

Oh boy. I don't know what the heck I'm doing! But I think I'm having fun learning how to draw letters. I was just inspired by this FANTASTIC TV Guide 1978 Fall Preview cover that turned out to be by this really prolific artist and designer named George Giusti. It's true: I'm a Google Master. And you know this, man!

And the sweet find is all thanks to Shawn from Branded in the 80s, which is one of the single most wonderful/enlightening/"awesome, totally awesome!" resources on the internet, if you ask me. Go ahead; ask me. I double dare you. You won't take the physical challenge! I know you won't, because you don't have the balls, son! yeah that's what I thought.

Well hey, if anyone needs me, you know where I'll be. See you on the flip side, turkeys!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Shouting WITH You, Not AT You!

So when my new e-friend-turned-real-life-cool-dude Dustin aka Upso aka "Hello, I'm Johnny Stache" and I decided to get some beers, I wanted to try someplace new. He said "Why don't we try out that 'Coop' place?" Which is this biker bar by my house that I've been telling everybody about for months since it changed owners and they got a new name and a cool new sign that totally jacked this sweet artist Coop's world-famous devil illustration foritslogo- *catches breath* Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?

I love dive bars. But this one was weird, man! It's the only biker bar I've been to whose storefront is made up of floor to ceiling windows. It's kinda like the place is a scary bar by night, and a beauty salon by day. I don't know how you're supposed to do any good drinking with all of that pesky natural light filtering in, but bless that friendly batch of biker drunks, because they make it WORK, dammit!

My favorite part was when I went in for another round, leaving Dustin outside on the "smokers' patio" just as one of the guys asked what he does for a living. Haha. An artist! What a nerd! Oh wait. Anyway, it probably won't become a favorite hang-out of mine, but I told him we gotta go back. They LOVE us there! But this time we're going at night. During bike week. Dressed in khakis. and I hear that if you bring your sidearm, ladies get in free!*

*=I already used that joke somewhere else. But I don't care because I'm not letting it go to waste.

I gotta admit, though, they played some AWESOME tunes on that jukebox! So enjoy some Mitch Ryder & The De-troit Wheels now, lest I beat your face in with your own boot.

via Dustin's iPhone :D

Okay, okay. I GET it! :D

So everyone and his mother have been e-mailing me, yelling at me, and otherwise beating me viciously about the head and face to update my blog. But it's okay because I know it just means that you care! :D Now come 'ere and give us a kiss, you old softy, you. *smooch!*

Stay tuned, guys, because tomorrow I'll give you a spacesick overload of such massive proportions that your children's children will one day be reading about it in history class!