Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Whole Lotta Old Stuff +Some Solid Gold Easy Action

Lots of old stuff I never got to post. Sorry, you don't get the hilarious anecdotes that go along with em. :( I know, I know! But don't worry, kiddo. We'll work through this together. :D

Many will enter! Few will win!

These Eyes

Hey What's Your MySpace? (Cut Copy Remix)

I Ain't Afraid of No Gouache!

You're Really Lovely... called... they want their business plan back! sike! they didn't. but a Tom Selleck did. your messages are on your desk.

Jem Gets Truly Outrageous! (too lazy to finish)

Sepia Tony! Toni! Toné! (Margaret Nolan)

Cynthia Myers, Miss December 1968

Ellister P. Fuddleton's Curiously Marvelous Re-crayonification Center (and Home for Wayward Markers) WIP

I Ain't Never Cummed So Hard In My Whole Life!

Sex Shark!

Or My Name Isn't Harry S Ductbutter!*

Sinbad 2 The Bone (test 2)

Djinni From the Block (wip)

I'm such a P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)!

Hey, Paisanos!

I Don't Start Fights (final)

Century 666

Mad Cat (for Mad Cat)

Space It Forward

Goodnight, Sleep Tight


"Watch out, Cobra,™ Fridge™ is comin' through!"™

Space Demon Baby

Exploitation Poster (still not finished!)


Jon McNally said...

The "Satan's Sisters" poster looks pretty durned swell, despite its unfinished state.

drono said...

wow. i'll have to take pictures of my spacesick orgasm and send them to you. for the scrapbook.

you've been saving up for winter haven't you!

karla hansen said...

Geez, what an update guy!! Awesome as usual my friend!!

Mukpuddy said...

Whoops, wrong account!! That last comment is from me, Alex from Mukpuddy... Zing!

spacesick said...

aghh! thanks guys! :D yeah, I guess I've been holding out. and I'm heading over to all of your awesome blogs as I type this! bam!

Dee said...

WOW Space, that's a whole lotta stuff! Awesome! You have been holding back! Cheers to you! Sorry, it's been awhile, missed ya too!=)