Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't Play That Funky Music, White Boy!

Like duh! But since I didn't draw one god damned thing today, I figure it's time to admit (one of) my (many) shameful secret(s). The truth is... I've been experimenting with making my own vintage beats for various super secret projects and things of a secretive nature. and so forth. etc. secrets. I never shared before because I can't quite GET it yet. So listen at your own risk!

Side A) Spacesick - Dizzy Raptures (Demo - Take 8)
Side B) Spacesick - Untitled Space Rap (Demo)

The sample in the first one is from Dutch symphonic prog band Earth & Fire's 1977 album "Gate To Infinity." And "Kid Stuff Records & Tapes" is copyright somebody who isn't me.


mz. kat-ii said...

hey spacesick its mz. kat-ii from threadless! i have an idea for a collab and i was wonderin if ur down for me !

Rob Gould said...

dopeness, love the "untitled space rap" could probably mix that into a set.

weird my verification word is "ungisact".