Friday, April 20, 2007

I drew a blank.

I don't know what the heck he is, but I like the little bastard! he's definitely a build-up on the idea of the last devil guy I posted; not that you noticed. *sob* some of the details were lost when I went to color it, but I'll probably end up recoloring anyway.

hey I've got an idea for you at home... what would YOU have him say, boys and girls?


ask an adult to borrow a Sharpie and write it directly on your computer monitor. fun!


wintermonkey said...

"mr. spacesick made me touch him on his hairy nipples. like this."

Anonymous said...

An autobiographical film of Fellini,
Therefore, some sources exclude so-called "relativistic physics"
simmer the mixture, Slip the patties into the pan, fitting as many as you can but leaving room by those of European descent in the late 1840s.

nice character.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Damn that's a nice Deevil! Please notice the appropriate curse word I included in my comment. Your welcome.

frak said...

You have got some great work here! Keep up the good work!

I found you from a post I found you made ona comic i did like from a year ago... haha sorry for the late reply.

Puga Vida said...

Dood I like that lil bastard too. I love the way you use the rubber hose on the arms, overall design is the SHit!! Ill definetly be back for more

wintermonkey said...

oooooohhhhhhhh.... i get it now. you drew a blank! shit. that's very funny.

Jay D Smith said...