Thursday, November 15, 2007

Art Room Blitz!


wintermonkey said...

mmmm. nice.
i'm going to run over to whole foods and get something to eat for dessert and maybe some beers. can i get you anything?

Anonymous said...

this blog smells like
a waffle that has been
sitting for too long
under someone's living
room couch.

still the work is very good.

Luke in Progress said...

Megaman, Canada, Blythe, Faces, Melissa, AhhRealMonsters, YouTube.
Its like a nice warm feeling, kinda like coffee, but like the coffee is being poured all over me.
But instead of burning, its friendly and nice.

Mukpuddy said...

Man what a monster post!! Love the Captain N piccy!! And that Greedy Kitty short is retarded!!

jo said...

I totally remember Captain N!! Loooove your stuff! I remember seeing this blog on Thanks for the kind words at!

pumml said...

Dig the Mega Man!

spacesick said...

thank you, all! here, I got up early and went for donuts.

manukat said...

meet the REAL Oblina!