Saturday, August 01, 2009

Can you connect the dots and help Mr. Raccoon fly his hot air balloon?

I know you can!

Being that this is for Threadless' "Loves Childhood" competition (Sponsored by BabyCenter® and Threadless Kids), I wanted to try a new approach. Do you think it works? There's still more drawing to do, so I'm gonna go for it.

Also- totally crazy how my random number of dots turned out to equal 50! Bam!


Rachael Smith said...

I love this!
I thought maybe the fish should have less dots so it isn't so obvious what it is at first glance?
I dunno though...maybe it's nice that you can see it.

Yeah...I'm helping?

Rach xxxx

Dirk Gauche said...

I agree. about 25 should do it if you want to keep your happy number of dots