Monday, September 14, 2009

Attract Mode Shop Open for Business!

My buddy Adam's video game culture shop Attract Mode launched today! Check it out, geekazoids! :D I had the honor of designing the special gaming-themed packaging for the boxes, which I will show you just as soon as I get my first order. Pew pew! Zoom!

+1000 bonus points to anyone who knows what "attract mode" is in reference to


Onno Knuvers said...

Attract mode plays part of the game or shows some action scenes on the arcade game's display when nobody is playing the game. The purpose of the attract mode is to attract passers-by to play the game and spend there hard earned 20 cent pieces. Well it was 20 cents in my day, now it's normally about $2. Argh inflation.

Do I win?

spacesick said...

woo! go onno! yes you win +1000 bonus points PLUS this really awesome swirly straw. *sip*

Onno Knuvers said...

Yay! I need a new swirly straw.