Monday, June 04, 2007


it's just like my grandpappy used to say...

"the buttsecks you want, you ain't gettin,
and the buttsecks you're gettin, you don't want."

it's as true today as it was last october.

and I've got news! I'll tell you when I find out if I'm allowed to tell you. also after I go return "throw momma from the train."

edit: my Yakov All Trades design will soon be available from the good folks over at LuckyThreadz. it's my first print ever. hey ma, look at me! I'm a DESIGNER! now I can trace things and apply different color pallets to them and stuff! ironically! :D yay me! *hug* *kiss, with a little bit of tongue*


.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

Really great artworks! I love your characters, specially the little devil.

Anonymous said...

sharp work.
another great set of characters

vulcanhalfbreed said...

It's about goddamn time you start posting semi-regular art. Goddman time! *Hummmph*!

I love the colors and the mouth and and and and.....I love it all...BUT mostly I love the Carol Channing image in the background. *high five*

I await eagerly for your news. Everything better be coming up Spacesick or I'll have to throw someone from a train.

wintermonkey said...

yeah. what she said.
i really dig that background.
the idear of buttsecks make me feel woosy. not in a happy kind of way. maybe you could be a member of one of those buttsects...

spacesick said...

thanks dudes!