Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink Girlie

just a random flash sketch while I sat around and listened to Prince and Siouxsie and Ozzy and Aerosmith and Alice and and and!

I don't know if it's possible to be half 80's glam and half rollergirl bettie, I don't remember if horn piercings (which I've only seen once) actually look like that, and I don't get why goth chicks can't stand to be around me when all I want to do IS LOVE THEM!!!1153#&**!!!

all I know is...

that this chick probably wouldn't do me either. but she might suckerpunch me in the taint. which would actually be pretty cool.

am I right, ladies? OH YEAH! high five!


Anonymous said...

5 years later, and a little more bitter- exploring the deeper,more personal roots of her music?

wintermonkey said...

what about ratt? huh? what about them? they were a dominant force too you know.

she looks kind of sweet.

oh man, remember when your mom suckerpunched me in the nuts? crap that hurt. we were in love then...

by the by, what was the big news?

ZSL said...

In soviet russia, goth hug YOU!

spacesick said...

goob - hehe jem! that would fulfill like 18 of my fantasies. I'll shut up now.

wm - you bet your ass I remember ratt. I listen to their THREE songs on a regular basis. and hey wm, remember when you used to take me to ball games and buy me toys and stuff? then one day you left to buy some Big League Chew and never came back.

zsl - ha! I get jokes. but not goth chicks. :(