Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bread is up for voting at Threadless!

My Submission

so be a pal and go vote a 5 and $ for "The High Self-Esteem of Sliced Bread!" and I tell you what, my friends, I'm in such a good mood today that I want all of you to feel this good too! so I'll even include this totally fucking inspirational Reading Rainbow song by the amazing Ben Vereen. can you hear it? it sounds like music to me!


wintermonkey said...

sweet. i just voted.
i hope it makes it.
good luck

wintermonkey said...

so then i says to the guy, i says, "mr. you don't know shit about mitch." and then he says, "oh yeah? who's mitch?" and i says, "he's the guy. you know. mitch!"

spacesick said...

hey I think I know that fuckin guy! I remember him being one bad mama jama, with fists that were once legally declared deadly weapons, and the voice of an angel.

thank you for the support, WM! you are, as always, a prince among men. men who wear foil chestplates and go LARPing on the weekends.