Friday, September 07, 2007

So I got THAT going for me... which is nice.

AAAGHHH! holy crap! :D the lovely and talented Jared Chapman of Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog totally floored me yesterday when he said he'd like to feature me on the blog. this is so freakin cool for me since I've been religiously reading Drawn for about 8375293892 million years or so, and have discovered so many amazing artists because of it!

I spent a few minutes taking another stab at the ZUUL T-shirt design last night. and since I desperately want the chance to wear this badboy, I vowed to have it finished and ready to shop around to the T-shirt companies by this weekend. so this here is a quick draft. also, since I like your moxy, here's a few more recent sketches. right there. underneath. no. to the left. no! MY left. yeah there you go.


Bob Flynn said...

Digging on your work, Mitch. Your line is spot on, and your characters are a powerful blend of everything that is good in this world. Art on!

UrbanBarbarian said...


Mukpuddy said...

Dude, congrats on the plug over at Drawn, Jared is such a cool guy!! Love the ghostbusters stuff aswell, can't get enuff of that shiz!!

Anonymous said...

these are nice!

congratulations on getting invited to
the ball:)

spacesick said...

thanks you guys! each one of you is a prince among jacksons.