Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get ON your lazy asses and be my Layer Tennis cheering section tomorrow! :D

At about this time tomorrow I'll be participating in what's GUARANTEED to be the most fun and exciting match of Layer Tennis (Sponsored by Adobe®) the world has ever seen! Sponsored by Adobe®. I'll be working with the amazing illustrator Rod Hunting, color commentary will be by the beautiful and talented Matthew Baldwin, and I'm 100% sure that we are all gonna have a great time. And so can YOU! :D

Come out and watch the match LIVE and comment here and elsewhere and and and you can even like TWITTER your comments directly to the main page where everyone else can see! I don't know how to fucking twitter but it seems like it would be fun in this particular instance. Yay!

Be there AND be square! :D Sponsored by Adobe®.

1 comment:

JoKKe-svin said...

Wow, I'm really impressed by your Layertennis action. Pretty awesome :D You totally won that one, but there was some nice stuff from Rod too.