Saturday, July 25, 2009

Button-O-Matic's New "Currency" Series

These shiny 24-karat gold works of art are part of Button-O-Matic's new "Currency" series, curated by the incomparable Dustin "Upso" Hostetler, and will soon be available in thirty vending machines across the country. Check here for a vending machine location near/very far away from you!

It blows my mind how everyone scampered off with the same theme and then came back with something completely unique to their personality! And how amazing do these suckers look as a set? :D See if you can guess which buttons belong to which artists!

Tim Biskup
Damien Correll
Jennifer Daniel
Nicholas Gazin
Ginette Lapalme
Travis Millard
Luke Ramsey
Geoffrey Todd Smith

1 comment:

adam said...

These should become legal currency!