Thursday, July 23, 2009

Organ Rejection for Sale at Woot!

Hot diggity! My super secret Woot shirt just went up today as part of Ape Lad's specially curated 2 year anniversary celebration. It's displayed majestically on the front page for 24 hours, but will still be available through a special link after that.

Either way, get your credit cards ready! Even if they did make fun of my fuckin kidney, and spelled my name Micth.

Available here!

Plus my friend Aled's got the highest selling shirt over there right now, so check it out if you like Back to the Future and Doctor Whom!


Alan the Houser said...

I bough-oh-oght mii-iine. *cabbage patch speak*

alphaXnumeric said...

Sweet! I give presentations on organ donation once every couple of months. I'm going to wear mine at my next presentation!

Thanks spacesick!

spacesick said...

alan - thanks, a-dawg!

alpha - ahaha. that is awesome! I want pictures. :D