Monday, October 05, 2009

Paper Toy Robobot Sketch

I've always wanted to design a paper toy, but I never had the GUTS to go for it. So I'm just gonna jump right in. I have no freaking clue what I'm doing, so I'll have to rely on already existing models and trial and error to show me the way. *tips over* Naturally this guy is lovingly inspired by memories of everyone's favorite learning robot, Alphie II, and I'm sure he'll evolve even more as I play around with the design. ROBO BOOGIE!

Anybody have any cool models to share? I know that Matt Hawkins is the baddest mama jama in the paper toys game, but that's about it.


Matty Mechanism said...

Haha, here is a great site with robot inspiration (plus monsters as well)!

When I was in Japan I picked up some mini plastic robot models that looked pretty cool. It was chibi something, wish I could remember the name >.<

Also I remember having a 2XL back in the day

Methuup said...

Yo Spacesick,

Check Nice Paper Toys:
You can find Matt Hawkins there and all the big names in Urban Paper.
And me of course check my collection
almost all the photo's come with a link:
Some robots too.