Sunday, January 22, 2006


Here's Boris. Extra points for knowing the reference.*

* - Points subject to availability.


Anonymous said...

That one would like great as a
sculpture- especially if the pincers
wrapped around the back of the head.

cool stuff.
These are fun..thanks for making the

Phillip said...

That's one of my favorite songs! Too bad he didn't sing more of their stuff...

spacesick said...

brian - no, thank you! As I continue to push these new designs, I can't help but realize how much more fun and dynamic they'd look in the round.

phillip - haha! 100 extra points to the gentleman in the front row.

Jay D Smith said...

cool stuff!!

Mukpuddy said...

Lovin Meemo, I'm gonna try this a try dude!!!


Mukpuddy said...

give this a try, I should say!! (dick!!)

spacesick said...

jay - thanks!

mukpuddy - oh man... That would kick all kinds of ass.