Saturday, October 20, 2007

Collect All 20!

no way! I totally say that!

this is practice for a huge multi-artist collaboration that I plan on asking a few people to take part in sometime in the next few months. then it'll hopefully grow from there.

to give you an idea of how long I've wanted to do a cool retro sticker like this... my computer says I scanned in the original Garbage Pail Kids and Good Times trading cards I used for it on april 16, 2006!


wintermonkey said...

looks authentic. i remember spacesick cards and stickers. they came with a slice of gum that tasted like ass. whenever i would try to trade them for tmnt or bionic woman stickers i always got laughed at.

Luke in Progress said...

For me it was the gross doctor seuse stickers, one fish two fish red fish dead fish.
Either those, or Nintendo.
I remember before playing Contra, I thought the game would involve scratching off circles to see if I had won a free gum pack.

The Pencil Assassin said...

Oh god why did I chuck away my Garbage Pale Kids cards? One of the many gross things I collected that I should have kept. Yes I agree, the gum was 50% ass/40% cardboard/10% chewy stuff. That sticker looks good.

Anonymous said...


I'll trade you an atc
(of mine) for a sticker?

Jay D Smith said...


Linzie said...

cool... reminds me of panini sticker s:)