Monday, October 08, 2007

Well then tell them to stay out of the way!

this is the bottom half of the front of a wallet collaboration with Justin White for it's taken me way to long to get this done because everyone else's battle wallets just kick so much ass and I want ours to be fucking EPIC!

my inside sketch is at the same level of completion and they probably collectively need about 10-12 more hours before we can have a complete wallet mock-up. I'm slow.

Frank Wastelayer: Private Detective is a character of mine and an adult cartoon idea that I've had for well over two years now. Frank's an aging, once-great, down-on-his-luck warrior who's given a second chance at fame and thrust back into the world of heroism. he's basically Conan meets 70's Hanna-Barbera mystery show, and combines my favorite elements of classic fantasy art, cartoons, video games, sword & sorcrey flicks, and dusty old pulp novels. and if given the chance, I am so ready to pitch this badboy to Adult Swim. do YOU happen to know anybody I should talk to?


wintermonkey said...

fuck yeah!
welcome back frank. you're a hero to us all.
i don't know anyone personally at the adult swims but i can probably hook you up with my guy at william morris. i'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Frank is back!
small world-I've met Tinymeat.

Ryan Smith said...

Great work!