Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spacesick NES Game: First Music Test

Hey peeps! As potentially-embarrassing* as it may be, I put together a little sampler of some of the tunes I've been working on for my Nintendo game. I don't know how GOOD they sound, but I'm sure having a blast here in 1990. And I'm free a little later if any of you want to come hang out too! *sips Mr. Pibb and pumps up Reeboks*

I'm not a musician by any stretch of the imagination, so any thoughts or advice could really help! Thanks, guys! :D

* = Yet I feel perfectly fine mentioning the fact that I got all of this text by typing each word into the Legend of Zelda save screen and then taking screenshots. What a world!


wintermonkey said...

very clever. although the imbedded file on your blog doesn't work. but it does on youtube.

Sam L. Roth said...

Love the tunes!
If you're looking for inspiration, I would look at the Duck Tales NES game, especially the Moon level.
Shows that you shouldn't be afraid to write a pop/rock song and make it into a chiptune.

spacesick said...

thanks, wm! I fucked up the code and forgot to change it back. does it work for you now?

sam - yes! chiptune lovers really seem to love that one. it's so chillaxing!

thanks peeps. :D

Ian Potter said...

What do you use to compose/create your chiptunes? Do you have tutorials or resources you can link?

These sound really good!

Adult Braces said...

These are amazing man. So much fun. I really admire your art and design sense, and now your music too! Way to go brother!

barringer82 said...

yeah!! I'd play the accompanying game, for sure.
some of it even sounds like 80s Italian horror - which is also rad

Rosemary Travale said...

They all sound so awesome pal! You are my hero! I'd love to know what exactly you are using to make these sweet tunes. I've fiddled around with an 8-bit plugin before, but my stuff hasn't sounded nearly as fun an authentic as yours!

Keep up the great work! It's awesome!

JoKKe-svin said...

These tunes are absolutely amazing. I only have on question on my mind right now: What software are you using man? DO share it with us :)

Joaquim Marquès Nielsen said...

I found a component for Garageband called magical8bitPlug, but I think it's a bit sketchy :s

agerone said...

inside station zero sounds to me perfectly like this moments where you have to be careful that a guy doesn't hurt you and all that
i have lots of gb and gba games where the music plays almost the same way. love it!