Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks for the 3.21 score at Threadless and Tee of the Day at Emptees! :D

Thanks to everyone who supported "Baron VonFunburger’s® Haunted Castle Cavalcade!" at Threadless, because it finished scoring with an awesome 3.21! And another thank you to all 102 folks who helped it get Tee of the Day at Emptees. :D I never saw THAT one coming. Now let's just hope Threadless likes it enough to print it! Woohoo!

Thanks again, guys. You are simply the best!

Wereburger Coloring Book

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Ode to Purpurina said...

am a massive fan of this design!

it's awesome to see a kindred burger-loving spirit with a good design eye out there.

btw couldn't help but feature the "I can read movies" series on my blog. it's amazing.

thanks for the inspiration.