Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spacesick Nintendo Game: New Update!

Well, here it is! As promised. Just a simple demo to show my newest updates. I implemented some enemies and the bullet feature that Tonypa shows in his awesome tutorials- but this is just temporary. I have big plans that could actually make this game fun and unique. BIG PLANS! :D

- Added an idle animation (wait a few seconds to see what he does!)
- Added enemies and game over function
- Added bullet feature (hit shift to shoot)
- Started working on some simple tiles and maps
- (edit) Just fixed that little flicker that was showing up at the bottom of the screen

"Things arrrrre happening!" :D - Liz Lemon


Blake Himsl Hunter said...

ok....I want more

damon said...


wintermonkey said...

i love you spacesick.

Bob Flynn said...

Great progress. Drop in some 8-bit tune-age and your practically done.

SamWibatt said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

I can’t just leave a bug alone.

Go to the platform on top far right. Walk right. The thing won’t fall. You can jump into the gap but you can’t walk into it.