Monday, February 13, 2006

Little Penelope Ella Chiffon, Could Only Tell Time When the TV Was On

A juvenile poem inspired by something Dave Chappelle said on Inside the Actors Studio last night, and all of Shel Silverstein's stuff that I loved as a kid.

This story about a kid who can only tell time by watching TV started off so freakin' funny and totally whacked-out, but the craziness kind of got whittled down as I was drawing this cutesy little elephant. I'm actually surprised at how tame and "8-year-old-girly" the whole damn thing now comes off as.

It still ends with the Monkey Doctor sticking a TV antenna into the kid's head, though. So that's something. I'd like to post what I have done, but I think it still needs to be polished.

And to show that I'm not all "Pretty Princesses" I also churned out

"The Unfortunate Story of Jennifer Reeve,
and the Day That Her Nipples Decided to Leave"

Why the hell did I just type so much?! Nobody wants to see that, especially me!



hells yeah! that was a dope and brilliant episode. chappelle's the man. keep on typing bro, id like more insight into why jennifer reeve's nipples decided to leave.

Darryl Young said...

Great design!
...will you be illustrating Jennifer Reeve too.... ? I'll check back later :)

Anonymous said...

I wub it! Can I have a pink brain hug?

Angela said...

You come up with way cool designs. If I ever start drinking liquor out of a paper bag, I want to see elephants like that.

Aww...thanks for the huggizle fo' shizzle. Is it from the 8 year old girl or the magical man from happy land? Either way sounds good to me!

Drop-Dead Fred scared the crap out of me.

mac said...

Haven't seen pink elephants this cool since the badass surreal masterpiece elephants on parade. Cool stuff.
BTW Paperbag liquor is way underrated. :)

Jay D Smith said...

heh, thats cool!

Virginia Valle said...

Beautiful design :) and beautiful creativity!!

spacesick said...

Thanks you guys! It's totally appreciated. I guess I'll keep going with these babies.

I have it on high authority from a very close wino friend of mine that paper-baggin' your booze is the only way to go.

Who needs hugs when you've got the warming kiss of peppermint schnapps?

warren said...

what about

'the Charming Store of Ernest Bellbottum,

You Missing Your Nipples?

Well, He's Got 'Em.'

spacesick said...

You're sick. Who would write a poem about something like that?

My goodness.

Anonymous said...

i'm jennifer reeve and my nipple are intact (at least last time i checked). still, i'm drawn to your poem.