Monday, April 24, 2006

Frank Wastelayer: Private Detective

Ill be updating every night this week with crud from one of my dream projects, Frank Wastelayer: Private Detective. So come back if you feel like it. Word to your motha.


wintermonkey said...

(sound effect) wah wah.. (shit! how do you spell out sound effects?) at least he has a pulse. i was about to send an ambulance your way. you got the little dude's expression perfectly. a little sheepish with a hint of "go to hell you old bastids".

Anonymous said...

I like his expression as well.
Looking forward to some more.


Bubbly Theater said...

ooooooh you were cheating!!!

(and eeeeew. who wants to suck hogan's spaghetti?!)

spacesick said...

I know! I'm a failure as a father!!!

wintermonkey said...

i love it!!
i don't know what kind of crummy-ass job you're working but it's time to quit. you are meant for bigger things young padawan. creative endeavors suit you nicely.

Anonymous said...

- wow-

nice shapes and good weight to the drawing. I enjoy the cosmic background
w/ the shirt and tie.

looking forward to the next one.

warren said...

Frank's awesome. He actually looks like a financial consultant guy I met once at a BBQ. So when does Frank grab a rack o' ribs and dip into the Secretarial Pool?

I have no idea what I'm talking about. It looks like someone's pre-chewed Hogan's noodle.

Anonymous said...

For a second I thought it said 'Word to your mothra!'

Ron said...

Hulk Hogan Rocks!