Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You see how much I care about work? When I have a job, I dedicate my entire body and soul to the company. It's all about honor, just like in the great American classic Gung Ho (1986).

I think I'll spend my free time tomorrow checking out all the amazing art in the blogs that I missed in the last few weeks. You guys kick ass.


Jay D Smith said...

great stuff!!

Adam said...

This looks like he-man plus bob dole - and i like that.

wintermonkey said...

you know who kicks ass? you do. go ahead, say it. i want you to go to the window and yell as loud as you can, I KICK ASS!!!

Anonymous said...

I ah yes...Gung Ho
lost among the heap of "Michael Keaton off-beat comedies."

like Dream Team...remember that one?
If you are checking blogs -I have to go make some art and/or get amazing.

As for this image- It has a surreal Weird Al thing going for it. Conan the Librarian:)


Rozum said...

I'm interested to see where this is going to lead. Details! I want details!

Darryl Young said...

You sir ....are a workaholic.

(cool chubby guy by the way)

UrbanBarbarian said...

Yikes! This man scares me! You're one dedicated artist! Looking forward to seeing more soon!

spacesick said...

You guys! Thanks all! Now I'm off to check your sweet blogs, because that's what God made Tuesdays for.