Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Spring Cleaning" or "You work hard, so I don't have to."



I'm showing you my Illustration Friday failures so I can move on and sink my teeth into this week's theme. I'm starting "Spring" right now, so it will definitely be done by Thursday this time. Kapow!


Anonymous said...

the mickey one is great.
I enjoy the concept alot.

and the flash thing is fun too.
Any reason why you stopped doing them?

Good luck with "Spring"

Jay D Smith said...

heh heh great stuff!!

love the micky tattoo!!

spacesick said...

Thanks guys! Basically I just waited until the last minute to start these. But I think I'm gonna give that Wooly Wolfman another go when I've got some time.

I just watched Teen Wolf and now I've got Wolf Fever. Ouch, sailor!

St John Street said...

That's a dope wolfman an the one up top isfresh 2 I did a brother as a wolf before too back in the nov posts check it out would be interested to hear what u think well hope your kool take care!!~

z0mbi said...

LOVE the tattoo sketch. Rings home, especially since I was just at the tat studio I go to today, watching my wife get a touch-up +addition to an existing piece.

Jublin said...

yes you've done it did it do'ed it. you should draw walter wolfmaster (whatever his name is) dunking b-balls at the college gym. just like teen wolf. Or he could be wrestling like he did in the sequel.

they all look great.

(remind me about that site you are using to host your flash and junk. remind me!)

wintermonkey said...

i didn't realize they were casting kid n' play in the next underworld film! that's frikkin' awesome!!!!

mo said...

Great work Spacesick!!
I can't wait for spring!

But also, what the hell?! Did you delete all your threadless blogs or what?
I think I need your fucking email, dude!
Love ya,
mad cat

Anonymous said...

Everyone is spring kah-razee! Love the Tatoo drawing.

spacesick said...

ha! thanks peeps. so many fun conversations that could have happened, if only I had updated sooner. blast!