Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Shouting WITH You, Not AT You!

So when my new e-friend-turned-real-life-cool-dude Dustin aka Upso aka "Hello, I'm Johnny Stache" and I decided to get some beers, I wanted to try someplace new. He said "Why don't we try out that 'Coop' place?" Which is this biker bar by my house that I've been telling everybody about for months since it changed owners and they got a new name and a cool new sign that totally jacked this sweet artist Coop's world-famous devil illustration foritslogo- *catches breath* Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?

I love dive bars. But this one was weird, man! It's the only biker bar I've been to whose storefront is made up of floor to ceiling windows. It's kinda like the place is a scary bar by night, and a beauty salon by day. I don't know how you're supposed to do any good drinking with all of that pesky natural light filtering in, but bless that friendly batch of biker drunks, because they make it WORK, dammit!

My favorite part was when I went in for another round, leaving Dustin outside on the "smokers' patio" just as one of the guys asked what he does for a living. Haha. An artist! What a nerd! Oh wait. Anyway, it probably won't become a favorite hang-out of mine, but I told him we gotta go back. They LOVE us there! But this time we're going at night. During bike week. Dressed in khakis. and I hear that if you bring your sidearm, ladies get in free!*

*=I already used that joke somewhere else. But I don't care because I'm not letting it go to waste.

I gotta admit, though, they played some AWESOME tunes on that jukebox! So enjoy some Mitch Ryder & The De-troit Wheels now, lest I beat your face in with your own boot.

via Dustin's iPhone :D


upso said...

all true

COOP said...

I wouldn't mind the copyright infringement if the place weren't so GAY.

spacesick said...

haha. no way, man! a gay biker bar would be fuckin awesome! a light-up dance floor with two dollar tall drafts? I'm so there.