Friday, May 01, 2009

Lots of New Features in This NES Game Update. Check it Out! :D

New update today! I'm so pumped for this, guys. I can't believe I'm playing my own Nintendo-ish-esque-kinda-sorta game. The flashing part after you get hit was the hardest part so far, but I knew I wanted it bad enough to keep trying! Woohoo! :D

New in this update:

- Top of the screen now extends beyond visible area
- You can hop on an enemy's head to destroy it
- Removed the shooting feature for now
- Running into an enemy makes you lose health and bounce back
- If the enemy was heading in your direction, running into makes it turn around and go the other way
- You momentarily flash and are impervious to damage immediately after being hit
- Win screen
- Game Over screen

Shout out any features you think this baby needs, even if you've heard em said before. And don't be afraid to mention things that look off, or any glitches that you may find! Every litter bit helps. Thanks again, guys! :D


[rich] said...

:-D Very cool.

Nick Derington said...

An amazing accomplishment!


wintermonkey said...

i'm totally into it. and will now discard all of my prior obligations & try to make one of my own.
my family will hate you.

Cateris said...

Been following your development on this game. It's super fun. When are you gonna name this bad boy???

xenos said...

dude, spacesick, all i get is a blank box. can you help a brother out? i played the earlier versions, am i missing something for this one? seems like i am the only one with the problem though. anyhow, cheers...