Monday, May 04, 2009

Might as Well JUMP!

Thanks for all the help pointing out bugs and features you'd like to see, guys! Keep em comin! :D It might not look like much, but I did wanna share some exciting new updates for today (which took FOREVER to figure out, believe me).

- Water and Exit doors
- Super jump when you bounce off an enemy's head (try it!)
- Enemy goes POP! when you destroy it
- New health system and stat bar
- New enemy! I still wanna work on it some more though.

Things to work on as soon as I can:

- Extend the stat bar at the bottom
- A walking sound
- Tighten up various jump/enemy defeating glitches
- Continue working on the tiles and sprites
- Fixing the jumping error that occurs when there's only 2 spaces of room to jump

Hooray! Tomorrow I might take a break from all of this damn programming and actually draw something. Like maybe that little roller blading radish character up there. I know you care! I can see it in your eyes. *roller blades away*


wintermonkey said...

the thing is "i like it".

That One Guy! said...