Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Me Winning at Tetris Because Someone On the Internet Told Me I'm Not Good At It

It was 6 in the morning and I was pretty tired from working, so it was kinda hard to tell if I had my priorities straight.


wintermonkey said...

that was fun. i watched the whole thing. congratulations.

i didn't kill myself by the way. & probably won't. i'll just continue to be inspired by your thing that you do.

Anonymous said...


I stand corrected. How are you at Dr. Mario? :-)

Ryan said...

That winning screen is awesome. Who knew that Samus could play the cello? Also, I wonder if that is the first bit of proof that Luigi can jump higher than Mario...

D.R.G. said...

My first comment after half a year of voyeaurizing the spacesick flicr photostream:

1. All the time I was sure you were a female, even in spite of the lovely chick drawings, until I checked your profile.

2. I can't believe I have just watched someone else playing tetris for two minutes. It is truly a sunday afternoon low.

ps. You made me want to draw chicks. Pretty ones. Keep on the good work.