Friday, May 22, 2009

Tetris Meets Spacesick!

I was playing Tetris and messing around with some new songs for my game today, and being the FAN that I AM I just had to see what they'd look like combined. Blah blah blah! I look like I suck at this game, but in reality, I'm a Tetris Master. I was intentionally building a little nook of blocks there so I could sneak some pieces into it all slick-like... but the video ends before I get to show off. >_< What a maroon! I guess that's what I get.

All new songs are mine. Tetris is obviously property of its owner - which was Electronorgtechnica last time I checked. ELORG TO THE MAX!


wintermonkey said...

don't you have a job or a girlfriend or something?

spacesick said...

I have many suitors, wm, and I make a fine living as a freelance illustrator/designer. And as you know, beautiful women/prospective clients can contact me for more information about both!

Anonymous said...

The music is very Mega Man-y. I like it.

Also, you really aren't good at Tetris. :(

spacesick said...

says you

Sir Kero said...

reminds me more of Journey to Silius than Megaman. Very Batman/Blaster Master era Sunsoft-y... In any case it's great! When/where can we hear more of it?

(And yeah, I know I'm late to the party. Here's hoping spacesick reads new posts on old stuff)

Anonymous said...

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