Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frank Wastelayer and The Curse of Beolock's Cavern

It moves! But I can't show it yet. I've been working hard trying to build up a mind-blowing animation reel in hopes of finding a job somewhere fantastic like Pixar or Nickelodeon, with a bunch of amazing artists who I admire and whose work I drool over constantly. *starry eyes*

Frank Wastelayer: Private Detective is a comical pulp detective/aging fantasy hero that I've been drawing for like 6 years now, though I haven't actually done anything special with him. YET! I know you care!


wintermonkey said...

i care.

spacesick said...

haha. I can always count on you, man!

ThisWankingLife said...

can totally see you at pixar. You think they same and you care as much!