Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spacesick's Spectacular 150th Post Spectacular!

Just a bunch of random sketches I've started in the last few days.

Danger! Keep Out of Reach of Children (WIP)
Danger! Keep Out of Reach of Children 2

Gumball Machine

My Beautiful Balloon

Guess How Many Jelly Beans Aren't in the Jar

Roly Poly Beach Sports

Forest Elf Girl or Something Like That

Ed Roth, Town, Country, Surf, Wacky, Monster, Sketch



wintermonkey said...

bah da da bah da ba da da dabah bah bahbah da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
(the sound of trumpet fanfare).

space, you're my favorite.

damon said...

very cool congrats

love the girl and the monster

SteveLambe said...

That first batch with the kids would make for an AMAZING run of t-shirts. Dibs on Whoopsies.

KYredhead said...

I'd love the gumball machine and the jellyfish as t-shirts for my husband. Sooooo awesome! Possible?