Friday, June 26, 2009

Threadspotting on Thai TV!

Oh wait... but not really. So dig THIS! My friend Nate was watching some Thai version of "Real Housewives of America's Next Top Chef County" or something and spotted someone wearing a familiar looking design. When he realized that it was actually the characters from my unprinted but widely-loved "If It Lands In My Yard Again, I'm Keepin' It" design (printed on a pink shirt, no less) he snapped a picture.

"After viewing it from a couple different angles, I automatically knew WHO was the originator. Quickly thinking, greasy fried chicken hands and all, I snapped a picture with my Motorola iStartac phone and showed my buddy Mitch, who happens to be the artist of the original."

If It Lands In My Yard Again, I'm Keepin' It - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I know Thailand is the land of T-Shirt ripoffs, and it happens all the time, but we got a kick out of this one because it's not even a PRINTED design. That's it! :D

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