Friday, November 13, 2009

Koko's Kitten (1985, Hardcover)

Last week I was reminiscing about reading this book back in grade school, and I just HAD to have it. I loved the story of Koko and her kitten All Ball so much. I was so excited to find it in the mail today that I read the whole damn thing- like an IDIOT- even though I knew it had a truly sad ending. Anyway I'm just happy to have something I remember so fondly. "That chimp's alright! High five."

Also this is the original seller's photo from ebay because I don't have a camera right now.


Jonathan Edwards said...

I just Googled "Koko's Kitten" and read the story! *sob* Why'd you make me do it?

Stef said...

All eyes on ther 8-ball!