Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Koko's Kitten (Christmas 2010)

Imaginary movie poster for the book I bought the other day. It's just for an open call. I've been sitting here nudging text all afternoon, but if I keep going I'll drive myself crazy. Does the layout look alright to you? I'm gonna polish it up one more time tomorrow, and then that's IT. Thanks for helping if you can, guys!


drono said...

that warms my cockles.
I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure what cockles are but I'm going to look it up after this.

I think it's perfect though. Don't change a thing.

Cardboard Paper - The Comic said...

Yeah it really is perfect as is. Any adding and subtracting is just extra now.

spacesick said...

haha. thanks a lot, dudes! I fudged around with it some more, but I went back because you and a few other folks liked it the way it was. thanks again!

adam said...

AWESOME!!!! Perfect!