Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Question for Book Lovers

I have a lot of vintage books- some in better shape than others- and I'm curious about what folks do with their older dust jackets. Like do you keep brittle, less-than-mint jackets on the books, or store them separately? I was reticent to ask, since I don't want the news that I know how to read to get out. So shh.

ps - Har har har! Tweed book jacket, he says! What an hilarious intellectual joke. I just so happen to be tossing around some interesting concepts for foldable school textbook covers, actually. And when they come out, we're all going back to school, just for fun!


paminabox said...

I tend to scan them, both sides actually. You have the wonderful image for however long you want. If they're water damaged or a little weird they kind of make amazing textures when you're working on things in photoshop.

drono said...

go back to the libary, nerd.

we're having a moment said...

Yo Spacesick, doing some College Thesis Research:

were you influenced by The Face or i-D magazine growning up?

thanks big fan


Christina Huther said...

Seconding paminabox: scan it. I chuck my old cruddy dust jackets, so I could really use some dapper tweed ones for my naked books.

DonsSword said...

If the book is going to get some regular use, I have some cool oversized Ikea filing boxes I throw my dust jackets into. I generally do that with all my kid's book, anything I am reading, or anything that I know is going to get handled a lot. Its great for old worn and torn up jackets, as you can minimize their wear, but still have them in the even u choose to sell the book or want to re-jacket it onto a less trafficed bookshelf